Decorating With Primary Colors

Decorating with Primary ColorsUsing red, blue and yellow, as your chosen color scheme doesn’t mean your room would end up looking like a preschool classroom. Here’s a sample of how I think primary colors can be played in a living room.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mid-century furniture lately and I am in-love with blue retro sofas. I wish I could have one myself. So if ever I would have one, I would pick something similar to this or maybe have this one custom-made. Don’t you love those skinny, stained legs? Well, anyway, I built my color scheme around this is important to use the primary colors with control. Designers usually use the 60-30-10 rule when it comes to adding color to a space and I’ll use that rule with furniture and decor selection too. Since the sofa will be the largest piece in your living room, that would be the “60%” part of the rule. For the “30%” yellow, I chose a medium-sized furniture which is the side table. The “10%” red is used in small decor pieces such as throw pillows, a wall sculpture and a small clock. Notice that I avoided using red in solid color, but rather incorporated it in the pillow pattern. That’s because I think, red, in this particular design, should not compete with the blue. I intentionally want to keep the color scheme as subtle as possible.


In order to pull off the mid-century look, I added a neutral colored retro chair, a bold black and white rug, and a sleek black floor lamp. If you have a small apartment, the glass-top coffee table with skinny legs would work great since it doesn’t add much “visual bulk”. I also love the neutral colored collage artwork with hints of red and yellow. I think that is the piece that pulls all the elements together.

As for wall paint color and window treatment, it’s best to keep them neutral, off-white, light gray, taupe or if your room gets enough natural light, white. Add a punch of black for sophisticated effect.